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Mall Pretzel Nuggets

Soft, chewy, warm, buttery, salty...UMAMI. When I was pregnant with my daughter, I would drive to the mall and park in the spot closest to the entrance of where Wetzel's Pretzels lives. I would pay the $1 parking fee and walk in, head held high, huge belly in front of me, and take in the aroma of those yummy pretzels while I patiently waited in line to order my bag of nuggets. Sometimes they would tell me it would be another 15 minutes. "I'll wait!" I'd say. Then, I'd go back to my car with those nuggets, a bottle of water, and about 10 napkins (necessary) and eat those babies (no pun intended) on the drive back to my house. I would save only two for my son for when he got out of school. During COVID, when the trip to the mall became impossible, I had to figure out a way to recreate those delicious, comforting nuggets. And, by golly, I believe I did! Without further ado...

street corner

See the Recipe below!



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