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Apple and Manchego Salad

Last week I was busy shredding what I thought was Pecorino cheese, only to look at it and think "hm...this doesn't look like Pecorino (tries it)...and it doesn't taste like Pecorino (inspects rind)...because it's Manchego." After shredding about a cup's worth of Manchego cheese, of which I needed zero for the dish I was making, I improvised. What goes with Manchego...apples! I have apples! Oh, here's some candied walnuts leftover from Thanksgiving! Let's add that! And so, the Apple and Manchego salad was born, along with a go-to dressing I always make. Throw the walnuts in a sandwich bag and crush with the back of a spoon, or your hand if you're feeling the need to get some aggression out. Add grilled chicken if you want this as a main dish.

Here's a pic of what you'll need. See the full recipe below!



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