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Ina's Roasted Broccolini & Cheddar

When I can’t be creative at dinner time, I typically roast broccoli for the fam. It’s a go-to, it’s super easy, and it’s delish. Ina is kicking it up a notch here by adding cheddar and lemon and using broccolini versus broccoli. What’s the difference between the two? Well, as a broccoli connoisseur, if you will, broccolini is a tad sweeter and milder than regular ol’ broccoli. It’s stalk is much thinner and, in general, the veggie is more delicate. It really lends itself well to this dish because the cheddar melts into the broccolini since it has such a low profile.

Let's break it down.



Like I said, I roast broccoli a lot, so the prep for this was only one more step than what I'm used to, which made this very simple. Crumbling up the cheddar can be done while the broccolini is roasting, so it's ready to go when you take the broccolini out of the oven.


Very easy. Ina's recipe has you roasting this at 400, and I did it exactly as indicated, but I would add a little more time at this temp. Next time I'll bump the heat to 425. It is important to flip these halfway through, otherwise they'll char too much.


So this was really good and a nice departure from the usual roasted broccoli I make, just using olive oil, salt, and pepper. It's not mind blowing, but I'll certainly make it again. Like I mentioned above, I'd up the temp to 425 in the first roast and then bring the temp back down to 400 for when the cheddar roasts with it (afraid at 425 it might burn). I wish I had an icon for 3.5 lollipops, because that's exactly what I'd give this as a rating. In the meantime, 3 stars will have to suffice.



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