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Ina's Giant Crinkled Chocolate Chip Cookies

This recipe is actually the brainchild of Sarah Kieffer, with some added chocolate and sea salt to make it Ina's. Sarah's smash the pan method for baking cookies is really something to behold, and certainly therapeutic, to say the least. These cookies were absolutely delish, but not as chewy as we typically like ours.

Let's break it down.



Usual prep for making cookies, except that there's a step where you have to chop up the chocolate - I did this by placing the chocolate in a ziploc bag and slamming it with my meat tenderizer.


Basic steps of making have to slam the baking sheet on a flat surface every three minutes during the cooking process. It's kind of a pain and loud...but like I mentioned above, very therapeutic!


I mean, really delicious. I loved that the chocolate was chopped up, so instead of just bites of chocolate chips, the chocolate was really swirled throughout the whole cookie. The salt was "chef's kiss." That said, it was slightly crispier than I typically like. I think I'll likely try to bake these again, using the chopped chocolate method and sea salt, but maybe slam them down only once or twice to keep them a little chewier.



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