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Ina's Charred Carrots

This doesn't sound that appetizing, I know, and I was a little trepidatious about making them, but let me tell you...these. were. great. The kids weren't fans, but you can't please everyone. I'll definitely add this to my list of things to make when we have friends over for dinner (remember those days??).

Let's break it down.



EASY. Normal prep for roast carrots, then just chopping up some thyme. After they cook, zest the orange. That's as hard as it gets.


Love that this recipe called for the broiler and not roasting. The broiler method is so much faster at softening the carrots than roasting is. Ina says it takes 8-10 minutes under the broiler, flipping them every few minutes or so, but it took more like 15. That said, I had my baking sheet on the second shelf setting versus the one closest to the broiler, so maybe it would have been 8-10 minutes, had I done it closer to the heat.


I had these ready about 20 minutes before I served dinner, since the recipe says they can be served warm from the oven or at room temperature. They were delicious, despite not being as hot. The orange zest mixed with the sweet tang of the balsamic vinegar was such a treat. So different, so good, and will definitely be added to our rotation! Oh...and check out my new rating system below!



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