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Yes Day

From the moment my kids saw the preview for this a few weeks ago, they've been counting down the days until this movie became available to us to watch. It certainly did not disappoint. There were some great moments that the kids really enjoyed, but what I love about this movie is how it's one that teenagers and 5 year olds will like just the same. As you might suspect, the parents are held to a "Yes Day" where they can't say "No" to anything proposed by their children for 24 hours. There are, of course, some ground rules, but there isn't much off the table. Our kids are already asking when we can have one, of course. I definitely felt like I was looking into a mirror in the beginning as the mom, Jennifer Garner, talks about how she used to say "Yes" to everything, pre-kids, and since becoming a parent it's a lot of "no," "no way," and "nope on a rope" (that last one is my personal fave). Besides being a fun movie for the kids and adults, it definitely has me thinking it's time to say "yes" to more. They're only young once, right?

Watch or Skip Consensus?

Watch. It's a fun one and super sweet.



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