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I was super excited this week to finally watch Wolfwalkers - mainly because one of the main characters is named "Maeve," and she's a feisty, independent little girl, just like my own Maeve. I got my second dose of my vaccine on Friday afternoon, and was not feeling well AT ALL, but I pushed through because I was not going to miss watching this one...even if that meant that all of the fantastic animation made me feel really woozy.

My kids were totally hooked on this one. It was quiet at the beginning but picked up speed about 20 minutes in, and the way the creators did the animation for this movie is really captivating. It was so nice to watch an animated movie that wasn't entirely done by computers, really using the artistry of the illustrators. As you watch, you'll notice that the townspeople are illustrated using hard lines, which is a metaphor for how they think in black and white, yes or no, this or that, whereas when you get to the forest with Maeve and the wolves, and Robin, the other main little girl, the drawings are looser, more freeform, more beautiful.

There's a scene in the movie that I won't tell you what happens, so as not to spoil anything, but it's entrancing, with dreamy vocals singing an expressive song in the background (or really, at the forefront). I've rewatched that scene a few times since Friday night.

Watch or Skip Consensus?

Watch - it's a must.



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