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Raya and the Last Dragon

It's Saturday morning, and the kids have already rewatched this in a 12hr span. Does that give you an indication of how we feel about this movie? Wow. This one is really awesome. My husband didn't even look at his phone during it! It has a beautiful theme about coming together to promote peace and an overall lesson about trusting and listening to each other, rather than letting your preconceived notions blind you. The comic relief with Awkwafina's voice of Sisu hit at the exact right moments throughout the movie, whether that was right before it got TOO scary for the kids with the Druun (a shadow like force that is the plague of human discord), or before the fighting got TOO intense. The animation is incredible, and Raya is added to a growing list of Disney's warrior princesses, along with Mulan, Moana, and Merida (I guess they should have given her an "M" name?).

Watch or Skip Consensus?

WATCH. Absolutely, 100%. And talk to your kids about the lessons afterwards. You'll be amazed at what they picked up from it.



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