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Night at the Museum 3

I bet you could have guessed that last night's movie night was reserved for Night at the Museum: The Secret of the Tomb (or, Night at the Museum 3). Thus, ending our 3 week stint of laughs from Ben Stiller and Robin Williams. Unfortunately, this was the last movie Robin Williams ever made, so it was a little sad to watch. That aside, the movie brought what the past two did: fun and laughs from kids and parents alike. I'm not sure which one I ended up liking best - this one was a little lackluster, but Rebel Wilson played a security guard in this for the British Museum, and her role of falling in love with a caveman was everything I needed last night. The kids got a little scared of a couple things that came alive in the British Museum (mostly because they were like zombies), but they are currently in the family room watching it again, so I guess the fright didn't stick! The lesson in this one is more about letting go of what you THINK is right versus what IS right. Not sure the kiddos understood it, but it was fun, nonetheless! I highly recommend all three!



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