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Cheaper by the Dozen

There was a lot of debating regarding the movie last night. We had 4 viable options and went with Cheaper by the Dozen, mostly because I can't resist a good Steve Martin comedy. There were a lot of underlying themes throughout this in regards to parents having a chance at their own dreams, and also (gasp!), how would Dad fare on his own with 12 kids without Mom around?? Mom holds it all together! And with 12 kids, there's middle child syndrome abound. Regardless of the themes it tried to get across, it brought a lot of belly laughs. My son almost had an asthma attack with how much he was laughing (true story). There were parts where my husband and I laughed, too, but I think we were laughing harder because our kids were laughing their butts off at the slapstick humor. The last half hour was slow and dramatic and my son said "why isn't this funny anymore?" there's that. All in all, a decent movie, especially if you're at a loss for a new one to add to your list to watch with the kids. Oh, and there's a Cheaper by the Dozen 2 with Eugene Levy, so I guess next week's movie has already been decided.

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